The company history 



Independence and efficiency

  • Commissioning of the TAG minipleat machine

  • New international company logo

  • Electronic KSL pocket sewing unit taking into operation

  • Total 71 employees



International orientation

  • Purchase and build-up of plant 3 in Bosnia and Herzegovina , 6 employees

  • Plant 3 is used to produce goods for original equipment manufacturers, export goods and semi-finished goods which have been produced till this day by a third party company.

  • Goal: Sustainable protection of Swiss jobs through expanded production depth

  • Expansion of the technology und sales departments

  • 63 employees in Switzerland



A round thing

  • 20 years Tecnofil. It is unbelievable but it is true…

  • Thanks to our customers, our team and our suppliers!

  • We`ve done a lot, invented a lot, realized a lot…but there`s still much to do. 



Expansion and sustainability

  • Initiation of plant 2 in June, over 13 000 m2 production, stock and office

  • Solar power plant, 125 000 kWh/year of green electricity connected to the grid

  • 1500 m2 expansion of the production  

  • 60 employees  



Consolidation and departure

  • New plant 2, ground-breaking in June, establishment in December

  • Expansion of the field service team to 6 employees

  • The representative of the French-speaking part of Switzerland (Polyatherm SA) in integrated in Tecnofil

  • The project solar roof started

  • 55 employees 



Export and development

  • Establishment of the export department

  • Purchase of ground and start of the projekt "plant 2"

  • 4th folding machine / pleating machine

  • Width/ height of the crinkles 600/50, 1`000/50, 1`000/100 and 2`400/50

  • HOKU® frame, 2nd generation with better properties



Innovation with fundament

  • HILSA in Basel with a big echo

  • Expanding of the plumbers on 3 employees

  • Take over of the representative of the French-speaking part of Switzerland Polyatherm SA

  • 50. employee recruited

  • Turnover for the first time over 10 Mio. €



International presence

  • 1st international presence at the ISH in Frankfurt and in Salzburg

  • Export share for the first time over 10% of sales

  • Opening of own metalworking



Use of the new company building

  • Move to the new building in Gränichen

  • Introduction of HOKU® frame, wood-plastic as a world innovation

  • 40st employee recruited

  • Minergie zertificate AG-360 for the new building



New internet presence

  • New website

  • Ground-breaking und start of the construction in Gränichen

  • Over 300`000 self-produced articles



5 million turnover level

  • Catched the turnover level of 5 million

  • Purchase of ground in Gränichen ( 400 m air-line distance from the old location)

  • 30 employees

  • 3rd HILSA presence, for the first time in Basel



Swiss Made as a implemented philisophy

  • 10 year anniversary

  • New product catalog, 200 pages filtration technology = full range

  • Purchase of Gewerbestrasse 12 in Suhr as stock

  • Swiss Label "Swiss Made" member

  • 2000m2 production area, 25 employees



New company management

  • Expansion of the company mangement

  • Martin Boner, CEO

  • Günter Gossow, sales manager

  • Hansueli Lüscher, production manager



New slogan " Filtertechnology of the future"

  • 2nd HILSA presence, Slogan "filtertechnology of the future"

  • Presentation of the innovation Actifil® activated carbon filter

  • 1200 active customers



on parle aussi francais

  • Take over of the filter manufacturer Inoveco SA from Fribourg

  • Representative Polyatherm SA in western Switzerland



New production site

  • Move to Gewerbestrasse in Suhr

  • 7 employees



1st participation at a fair

  • 1st participation at the fair HILSA in Zürich



1st plant extension

  • Move to Matzendorf (SO) because of the cooperation with a manufacturer of industrial filters

  • Recruitment of the production manager (Hansueli Lüscher)

  • Recruitment of the first salesperson (Günter Gossow)



New residence

  • Move to Oberentfelden because the production area was too small and the logistic routes were too long



Establishment of the company

  • Establishment by M. Häfliger and M. Boner in Leimbach AG

  • 2 employees

  • Tecnofil AG, for clean air

  • Production in the parking garage Lindencentrum, 3. UG

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